Dyr på Hals Strand CampingHals Strand Camping legeplads hoppepuderHals Strand Camping med en masse aktiviteter, leg, dyr og sport på pladsenHals Strand Camping aktiviteter dyr på pladsenHals Strand Camping dyr på pladsen


Playground, animals and sports

One of the best parts of Hals Strand Camping is the many opportunities to play with your friends and family.


Wonderful playground for big and small. Climbing walls, swing sets, slides and tube slides offers amazing experiences and challenges for all kids.
Bring the kids for a fun day at Hals Beach Camping’s great and wonderous playground. The playground is suitable for all ages, and offers a variety of experiences, the different slides, swings, climbing walls and many great jumping pillows. Kids love jumping at our 2 large trampolines and the climbing wall stimulates their balance and motor function.

Animals on site

The playground also offers a petting zoo with goats and their kids, who you and your family is free to pet. We have tame, goodnatured petting goats on site. When the kids need a rest from all the challenges they can go to the petting zoo for a relaxed atmosphere among family friendly animals. The children love them, especially the small kids, we have every summer. Pet a goat at the stables – they love a good scratch. You can visit the goats every day, if you are nice to them. Access is on your own responsibility.

Outdoor Holiday Experience

The best family holiday offers experiences for all, and that is exactly what you are going to get at Hals Beach Camping’s huge playground. Hours of fun which stimulates the fantasy and sharpens motor skills.

The playground is open for everyone, if you are not a guest at the camp ground, entrance will cost you 15DKK for a kid for an entire day of fun.


Stay fit at Hals Strand Camping. Put on your running shoes and enjoy an active holiday with miles of forest tracks with gentle rises and long passages with loose sand. Or jump on your MTB and follow the forest paths, the ground varies between firm forest ground, gravel roads and large areas with loose sand, which sets requirements for your technique and raises your pulse. There are cycle paths direct from Hals Strand Camping to a number of places, including Hals and Hou.

Football field

The football field is a natural gathering point for children of all ages. We have laid out a large grass area for football field with 2 pcs. alminium football goals. Here is plenty of room for dribbles, speed and making good friends.