Hals Museum/Skanse and Raalingen

Hals Skanse is the best preserved single fieldwork in Denmark and dates back to the renaissance. From the earthwork with the historical cannons there is a great view over Hals and the Limfjord.

The first Hals Skanse was built in the 1620’s in order to secure Aalborg as well as the land of the Limfjord as a whole.This fieldwork was taken and reinforced by the enemy, the troops of the German Keiser in the fall of 1627, and was since left to become dilapidated in the years 1630-1652.

1 July 1653 a royal order originated from the King to the vassal of Aalborghus to build a fieldwork near Hals, and with a starting point in the fieldwork of King Christian IV, the fieldwork we see today was built.The fieldwork was finished in 1654.

Skovgaards Raaling in Hou is a very cosy small restaurant. It belongs to one of Denmark’s oldest privately owned houses and was first recorded under King Christian III in 1552.

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The Area

The nearest urban area is harbour town Hals about 6 kilometres away, a lively place with several restaurants and bars at which to while the night away. Or take a trip to Aalborg, the third most populous city in Denmark and a place known for its culture, theatres, museums and opera company; make sure to make it to the Aalborg Carnival if you’re around at the end of May.

Hals – the village by the inlet.
Hals, an exeptionaly charming village with pleassant small streets and lively seaside atmospere, is 6 km from Hals Strand Camping.
Hals also has a healthy business life with exciting shops and restaurants.
Hou – an old fishing village.
Hou, a little village founded in Stone Age, is 2 km from Hals Strand Camping.
Here you will find a lively seaside atmosphere with yachting and artists.
Riding facilities are available.


Lodsens Daughter

“Lodsens Daughter” in Hals is a place where nature and fun family-friendly experiences meet. Along the beautiful East coast, you can try your hand at SUP, spend the night on the water, go fishing and more.

At the pier in Hals in the old lodge, you will find Lodsens Daughter, which offers a number of opportunities for activities on the water. The range of activities is diverse and you will, therefore, find something for all ages. This is the perfect place to gather the whole family or a bunch of friends for a day full of fun and enjoyable experiences.

Sail on the blue sea

At Lodsens Daughter you can rent a boat and embark on an adventure on the water. The boat gives you the opportunity for a leisure stroll along the harbour, town and coast and is also perfectly suited for a fishing trip. Onboard there is plenty of room for all your gear, from the fight you catch to the picnic basket you’ve brought along, the day can easily be spent at sea relaxing. In addition, there is also a small dinghy which is perfectly sized for the children. During your trip, you can throw the anchor at one of the many sand islands, and collect clams and oysters or take a dip in the clear water.

Stand Up Paddle

If you would like to try a Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP), then Lodsens Daughter is the right place to do so. At Lodsens Daughter you can take courses with the owner Grete throughout the summer or simply rent the SUP and go alone. The amazing thing about stand up paddle boards is that it’s both a sport for those who seek adrenaline rushes as well as those who seek a way to experience nature and calmness – because you decide the pace.

At Lodsens Daughter you will find a certified SUP instructor who knows the area better than most. She is ready to accompany you, your friends and family on an incredible trip along the coast of Aalborg. There are plenty of opportunities to “stand on water” in Hals.

In Hals, you will find an abundance of beautiful places to explore when you are out on the open waters. SUP in Hals is for everyone, as the soft waves on the east coast of Denmark are very child friendly, even if you were to fall off your board.

The charming ’Houseboat’

Have you always dreamed of experiencing what it’s like to live on the water? At Lodsens Daughter you can experience just that on their charming four-person boat. You can rent the boat for a half or full day to several days, and it is therefore ideal as a day trip or as an alternative accommodation during your holiday. Unfortunately, the houseboat is not able to sail but simply floats on the water, we assure you that your stay will be a unique one within the marina.

Something extra

If you don’t have your own fishing gear and bait to catch tonight’s supper, or are you lacking equipment for activities for the little ones such as a rowing boat or something completely different – Lodsens Daughter will be happy to help you!

Besøg Lodsens Datter fra Hals Strand CampingBesøg Lodsens Datter fra Hals Strand CampingBesøg Lodsens Datter fra Hals Strand CampingBesøg Lodsens Datter fra Hals Strand Camping Hals Strand Camping besøg Lodsens Datter

Worth visiting

www.visitaalborg.dk In 2019 New York Times recommends Aalborg and Aalborg has claimed a spot at number eight, placing ahead of cities such as Las Vegas and New York City. Aalborg is only a 1/2 hour drive and a distance of only 30 km from Hals Strand Camping. Read more here

www.lillevildmose.dk Our nearest neighbor is the unique Lille Vildmose – Himmerlands nature reserve, with its incredible wildlife and the opportunity for the whole family to experience nature like never before and get the real experience of how big a moose is.

www.aalborgzoo.dk Aalborg Zoo has more than 1,300 animals from around the world. The driving distance is approximately 35 km.

www.kunsten.dk Here you can see art from 1800 A.D.. Driving distance 35 km.

www.faarupsommerland.dk Here you can find activities matching everybody and have a lot of fun. Driving distance 70 km.

www.nordsoenoceanarium.dk Experience Seals in their natural environment. Driving distance 75 km.

www.jesperhus.dk One of the largest parks of amusement in Denmark. Driving distance 130 km.