New York Times recommends Aalborg

Visit Aalborg. Out of the 52 destinations that the reputed media outlet, The New York Times, has been considering and ranking, Aalborg has claimed a spot at number eight, placing ahead of cities such as Las Vegas and New York City. Aalborg’s development from an industrial city to a knowledge hub has not gone unnoticed, and in this lively city it is possible to find something for everyone.
Below, we have gathered some of the attractions that the article recommends paying a visit, should your travel destination be Aalborg. Aalborg is only a 1/2 hour drive and a distance of only 30 km from Hals Strand Camping.



Precious experiences all year

On the savannah, giraffes munch alongside zebras, kudus and the rare oryx antelopes. The polar bear enjoys a cooling dip in the water, the red panda has just been served fresh bamboo and suddenly you can hear a mighty roar from the male lion Akash letting the entire zoo know that this is his territory. At Aalborg Zoo, you can meet 11 out of the 12 most popular zoo animals and this is the only place in Denmark where you can experience the African elephant, the orangutan from Borneo and the Asian lion.
Aalborg Zoo is open 363 days a year – and no two days are alike. With far more than 100 different exotic animal species, educational experiences can be found all year round. You can see how the animals adapt to the different seasons and watch the baby animals grow. And you can try and find the curious and lesser known animals. In the South American house, the sloths climb freely about in the lianas above your head. This is also the place to be if you want to get close to an armadillo and perhaps see a capybara for the first time.

Make the zoo your own backyard

Enjoyment and communication go hand in hand at Aalborg Zoo. At the Zoofari stage, the zoo’s own trained animals perform with their keepers in entertaining shows to teach the audience new things about animals from all over the world. At the elephant house, we focus on combating poaching in South Africa. Together with the zoo’s guests, Aalborg Zoo supports a groundbreaking project which successfully fights for the survival of elephants and rhinoceroses. Nature preservation is a part of the zoo’s DNA. They use co-ordinated breeding programmes to ensure healthy and viable populations of endangered animals. Aalborg Zoo contributes animals to be reintroduced to the wild from its heard of oryx antelopes, a species which was formerly extinct in the wild.

International programme

Together with various organisations and other zoos around the world, Aalborg Zoo is highly involved in various international projects concerning the conservation of endangered animal species, nature preservation, sustainability, communication of knowledge and research.

Practical information

Aalborg Zoo offers several areas for you to relax and enjoy the atmosphere. Bring along your lunch or enjoy a meal at Restaurant Skovbakken in Aalborg Zoo…
Dogs are allowed, but must be kept on a leash.

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Hals Strand Camping visit Utzon CenterHals Strand Camping visit Utzon CenterHals Strand Camping visit Utzon CenterHals Strand Camping visit Aalborg Utzon CenterHals Strand Camping Utzon Center Aalborg visitaalborg


A vibrant cultural center

The impressive Utzon Center is a vibrant cultural center located in Aalborg waterfront. The center was designed by the famous Danish architect Jørn Utzon, who was raised in Aalborg, and his son Kim.
The center hosts different exhibits throughout the year and presents sketches and designs by Jørn Utzon. However, the center is much more than simply exhibitions. It is a display of art, architecture and design, completely in the spirit of Jørn Utzon.

The exhibitions consist of Jørn Utzon’s own architecture and design works, as well as examples of the national and international cultural legacy that he is part of. The many experimenting activities at the Utzon Center will also contribute to its role as an exciting cultural powerhouse.
Experience the permanent exhibition of “Spidsgatterbåden”, a beautiful sharp-sterned boat designed by Jørn Utzon’s father Aage Utzon, or enjoy the library, a beautiful architectural gem.



When it rains

Leo’s Legeland is fun for the whole family. A huge play center with room for lots of fun for children of all ages and their parents. Have fun in the many amusements until you are all out of energy.
Leo’s Legeland is the biggest play centre chain in the Scandinavia. The play centre in Aalborg is the biggest of them all with no less than 4,500 square metres. Here you will find an area for toddlers, a ball sea, ball canons, cobwebs, a pirate ship, a huge slide, a sports area, trampolines, a(n almost real) waterfall, and much more.
The play centre has its own café where you can enjoy meals and snacks to stabilize your energy levels during your visit or after hours of fun.

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Hals Strand Camping visit Aalborg HavnefrontHals Strand Camping visit Aalborg HavnefrontHals Strand Camping visit Aalborg HavnebadHals Strand Camping visit Aalborg HavnebadHals Strand Camping visit Aalborg HavnebadHals Strand Camping visit Aalborg Jomfru Ane ParkenHals Strand Camping visit Aalborg Havnefront


In the centre of Aalborg

In recent years, Aalborg Waterfront has been through a renovation of great proportions, and , you now find a variety of gastronomic experiences and great architecture where the city’s busy industrial area once was – right by the water.

The waterfront has plenty of cozy city life atmosphere, and the new waterfront is used for everything from sunbathing to street football.

Take a walk and experience Aalborg waterfront and the rich cultural life unfolding here. See the famous Utzon center, the old Nordkraft and the breathtaking Musikkens Hus. You can also enjoy the Jomfru Ane Park, which is very popular especially during summer, or take a walk past the old Aalborghus Castle and get up close with the history of the place.

Aalborg Havnebad

Aalborg Havnebad, which is located by the waterfront near the lovely Jomfru Ane Park, allows you to cool off in the summer heat and have a good time. There are chairs, parasols, sup-boards, and much more. Everything is free to use.

The Havnebad is placed in the centre of Aalborg, east for Restaurant Elbjørn and Jomfru Ane Park just next to it.
The harbor bath consists of a pontoon bridge with four pools of which two pools – the child friendly pool and the “fun & play” pool have a depth of 70 and 90 cm respectively, and have a solid ground. The diving pool and the exercise pool have a depth of 5 and 2 meters respectively, and are equipped with a safety net.

Great safety

During opening hours, the harbour bath will be manned with professional life guards that ensure guests’ safety and will get help if they need it.



An architectonic lighthouse

Musikkens Hus is not only an architectonic lighthouse of Aalborg and Northern Jutland, but also very much a national and international rendezvous of music, where visitors brought together by music.
The construction of Musikkens Hus is one of the most ambitious and impressive projects in the history of Aalborg. The road to a house of music in Northern Jutland has spanned 28 years. However, natives of Northern Jutland are very persistent, so now, the house is ready to welcome all with a musical interest.

Architectonic brand with the music in focus

The vision for Musikkens Hus in Northern Jutland was to create a venue for concerts with acoustics on international level. The house is built around the idea of generating synergy, and sharing of expertise and knowhow among the many users and guests of the house.
The permanent residents of Musikkens Hus include Aalborg Symphony Orchestra, the Jutlandic Academy of Music – Aalborg, the music educations of Aalborg University, Centre of Danish Jazz History and Musikkens Spisehus.
Musikkens Hus is designed by the renowned, Austrian architect firm, Coop Himmelb(l)au and covers approx. 20.000 m2 divided onto eight floors (three underground), and contains a large concert hall, a medium concert hall, and two minor concert halls.

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Hals Strand Camping visit Aalborg KunstenHals Strand Camping visit Aalborg KunstenOvernatning Hals Strand Camping visit Aalborg KunstenOvernatning Hals Strand Camping besøg Aalborg Kunsten


Kunsten – an architectural gem

Kunsten – the Museum of Modern Art in Aalborg – has reopened after a massive renovation, and once again, you can experience modern art in this architectural gem in new clothes. The building is in a league of its own internationally, and it was designed by the world famous Finnish architect Alvar Aalto.
Kunsten is like a sculpture appearing out of the green landscape, and it creates a beautiful frame around world-class art. The museum opened in 1972, but after the renovation, it feels like it was built just yesterday. The thorough renovation brought along a new gallery, a new café and shop, and a new large terrace. In addition, 317 tons of marble have been replaced. This means that both citizens and tourists flock to the museum in Aalborg to go on an adventure in the incredible building and to see the unique collection of both modern and contemporary art. The museum is famous for allowing natural light into the building trough unique parabola-shaped skylight constructions.

Kunsten is a preserved building

Kunsten is an architectural gem dressed in white marble. The museum holds a unique collection of modern art and changing art exhibitions from both Danish and international artists. The collection is, however, not the only unique feature – the building is unique as well. The building is light and organic, and everywhere the materials are unique with custom-made Aalto copper lamps hanging from the ceilings, and marble floors and outer walls.



Bridge of Love

The new Cultural Bridge in Aalborg was made for pedestrians and cyclists – here, they can walk and ride their bicycles safely without having to deal with heavy traffic. You can even take a break and enjoy the view of the island Egholm and the fjord while you’re on your way across the bridge.
With the opening of the new Cultural Bridge in March 2017, pedestrians and cyclists were given the opportunity to cross the Limfjord via two bridges.

Aalborg’s own lock-love bridge

The Cultural Bridge is easily recognizable by its red color and beautiful lights at night. Perhaps the bridge gained its nickname “Bridge of Love” because of its red, warm color, the amazing view, and the relaxing experience of crossing the bridge. Many have crossed the bridge and felt the air of romance which surrounds it and many have sent warm thoughts to Paris, the city of love, and the famed bridge of love, “Pont des Arts”. Many couples have already attached padlocks to our local bridge of love to manifest their love for each other.
The sound of water and waves seems to attract people almost magically, and with the new bridge, Aalborg has acquired yet another special place to enjoy the Limfjord.

A bridge at the center of it all

The bridge is located right in the middle of the Western part of the city, and for a lot of people this means that getting from A to B is a lot faster. In addition, you are now able to choose whether you feel like crossing Limfjordsbroen bustled with traffic or whether you feel like enjoying a quiet stroll across The Cultural Bridge.

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Besøg Aalborg tårnet fra Hals Strand CampingBesøg Aalborg tårnet fra Hals Strand Camping


A view for everyone

“Aalborgtårnet” is Aalborg’s tallest landmark, allowing you to enjoy a breathtaking view of Aalborg and its surroundings. Take the elevator 55 meters up and enjoy the incredible 360° panoramic view.

As the Aalborg Tower is located on Skovbakken, the platform is 105 meters above sea level. From here, you can enjoy the view with a snack or a drink from the bistro. To get into the Aalborg Tower, you have to ring the bell which is placed on the tower, and an elevator is sent down. The elevator is the highest outdoor elevator of the North of Europe and is an experience in itself.

The bistro has room for 50 guests, but don’t worry: there is view enough for everyone. The 360° panoramic view of Aalborg from the top of the tower provides an opportunity to take a break far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

The Aalborg Tower was built in 1933 for Nordjysk Udstilling (Exhibition North Jutland), and because it was too expensive to tear it down, Det Broderlige Skydeselskab bought it for only DKK 5,000. Even though it was built many years ago, the tower is in tiptop condition. Thanks to a thorough renovation in 2005, Aalborgtårnet is ready to serve its visitors for many years to come.