We have a charging station for electric cars

We make it easy for you to charge the electric car when you visit Hals Strand Camping. We have set up 1 piece charging station for electric cars with 2 outlets. Each outlet is max. 22 kWh. The station is one of Denmark’s cheapest charging stations with current varied daily prices.

It charges with the Spirii Go App.

Just a few clicks away from charging your electric car!

With Spirii Go you can access all Spirii’s public charging points. You can easily find your way to the nearest charging station, start and finish charging, follow your charges, and pay for charging.

Price for charging

The cost of charging in Spirii’s public network varies, but it is always as low as possible. You can always see the current power price in the Spirii Go app.

How to use Spirii Go:

  1. Download Spirii Go from App Store or Google Play
  2. Create a profile with your email and password
  3. Enter your contact and payment card information
  4. Welcome to Spirii Go!

To start a charge session, follow these instructions:

  1. Locate and select a recharging stand on the map (You can always see if the charge point is free or busy) If necessary, use the option. location service to find its way to the selected location
  2. Drive to free charge point and select your charging outlet in the app
  3. Choose ‘ Start Charging ‘ to open the charger
  4. Insert your charging cable into the charging point and then into your electric car
  5. Now your electric car is charging! Follow your in-app charge
  6. Stop charging in-app when you’re done
  7. First remove the charging cable from the car and then out of the charging stand
  8. You pay per charge with your credit card and a receipt is sent to your email after the end of charging.

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