Do bring your dog on your holiday

The dog is man’s best friend and at Hals Strand Camping, we know this. We love dogs and dogs love camping.
About 2000 meters south of Hals Strand Camping, you will find our dog forest, where your dog can run free without a leash. Here, there is lots of room to play with your dog.
Is your dog a real water dog? The beach at Hals Strand Camping is a lovely playground for both two and four legs. Also on the beaches of Hou and Hals, dogs are welcome and you can let it run freely without a leash from 1. October to 31. March. Outside this time your dog must be on a leash on the beach.
Although the dog can run freely, you must have full control of the dog if you let it run freely without a leash, in the dogwood and on the beach.

Dog pension for guests at Hals Strand Camping:
Do you need your dog taken care of, while you go on a family outing, for example to Aalborg, Fårup Sommerland, Legoland or other fun sights?
We recommend: Elmelundens Dog Pension in Hals, tlf: +45 ​98 25 21 05
They provide:
Loving care in quiet surroundings
Hygienic and heated boxes
Separate runways
Large fenced lane
Own “hotel room” for your dog
Always a good mood and lots of happiness towards your dog.